Staying organized and on top of your records is integral to the success of your retail business. From records of sales tax, receipts, vendor names, invoices, price lists, and more. Being proactive with your records and information management can be invaluable. 

At IRHC, we are the only company in the US dedicated to data retention scheduling. We help ensure your business runs smoothly in order to get ahead of the competition with comprehensive services that match your needs. 

You can manage important documents safely

IRC’s retail template allows you to manage important records across numerous fronts seamlessly. Our software solutions help you manage not only your product inventory but also your daily store operations, site selection, and accounting. With a one-stop solution, you can easily search for specific documents linked to retention periods and legal aspects of your business at any time. Your information is kept safe, secure, and organized. 

Your can access your information anywhere, at anytime

You no longer need to worry about missing an important deadline or document. Our Retention Manager System is a Software as a Service offering.  With a subscription to our service, you can access the documents and information you need from anywhere, worldwide. Conduct customized research and access industry templates that can be transferred to your own desktop. This allows you to stay up-to-date at all times. 

You can expand your system as needed 

Are you running out of space? Physical boxes of records can easily take over. Our data system can be expanded at any time to suit your needs allowing you to grow and change without distraction. 

You can save on storage fees

Retention schedules can help you minimize the cost that can be associated with storing your information over time. Are you keeping just what you need, legally, or are there too many records on-hand? Our complete system can alert you when information you are storing ages out and is no longer needed. This can allow you to save space and money over time. Your important records are kept current and available so you remain up-to-date legally but not overflowing with unnecessary information. 

Contact IRCH for more information and get cutting-edge records retention for retailers on your side. 

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