From big cities to small towns, records retention for the utilities industry.

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Both the federal and state governments regulate electric, gas, water, and steam. Our Utilities Module provides record series for equipment inspections and maintenance, meter reading, customer relations and complaints, interruption of services, plant and facilities construction, maintenance and retirement, production of gas and electric, transmission and distribution, gas pipelines, reserves, and wells.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Homeland Security regulate power utilities, natural gas companies, and pipelines.

State utility commissions have additional requirements, including provisions of the National Association of Regulatory Utilities Commissioners (NARUC). For electric utilities, there are requirements from the North America Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). Together, these add thousands of additional laws that our template covers. For some provisions, individual paragraphs have been indexed independently.

The template offers a default general record series that can be expanded by selecting from dozens of pre-defined records, all linked to retention periods and legal research. Specific activities can be chosen and jurisdictions with no utility business excluded. Finally, all the record series’ subjects, text, and retention can be customized to meet any unique requirements.




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