Helping to keep the legal industry’s records legal.

The legal industry is mostly state regulated. Covered are client file ownership, retention practices, notice requirements before record destruction, malpractice, liability and the limitations of actions for contracts. State bar ethics committees address some record-keeping concerns, including retention. Naturally, contract requirements generally govern the attorneys’ retention of client files, while the normal records requirements apply to most administrative records.

Our Law Firm template provides record series for client files based on the nature of the matter, time sheets, litigation material, client records used in litigation and more. The conclusion provided for retention will generally be based on normal contract and ethics requirements, along with other practical or legal considerations.

The module offers a default general record series that can be expanded by selecting from dozens of pre-defined records, all linked to retention period and legal research. Specific activities can be chosen and jurisdictions with no legal requirements excluded. Finally, all the record series’ subjects, text, and retention can be customized to meet any unique requirements.

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