About IRCH

For more than 35 years, Information Requirements Clearinghouse (IRCH) has been the leading consultant and software provider for records retention; whether on a state, federal or international basis. Our method and vast experience with records and legal research works in a myriad of industries, and we’re able to customize, allowing us to work with everyone from small business to nonprofits to multinational conglomerates.

Our software products provide simple to granular control levels that help create a thorough retention schedule; all with succinct updates issued regularly.

IRCH consulting services feature long-established subcontracts and customizations that provide clients with everything they need for successful implementation, including specialized records risk analysis.

Our products and services combine to help you manage the disposition of your business records.  Knowing when to keep and to destroy business records manages your compliance and legal risk.




In a nutshell, IRCH provides market-leading products and services enabling customers to reduce costs and risks through implementing legally defensible retention and destruction practices.

* IRCH does not “practice law” but focuses on the application of laws to records and information management programs.

Our approach

The Skupsky Retention Method is the method for preparing a records retention schedule developed by Donald S. Skupsky, JD, CRM, Information Requirements Clearinghouse, Denver, Colorado.

The Skupsky Retention Method includes the same components found in traditional records retention programs. It differs more in the process than the appearance.

Our history

Legal Requirements for Business Records

Founded by Donald Skupsky, IRCH products and services became the gold standard of retention schedule development and maintenance.

Retention Manager

IRCH introduced its newest retention software, Retention Manager. It was the most advanced, full-featured software for developing and maintaining legally-compliant retention schedules.

Retention Wizard

IRCH releases Retention Wizard, designed for small-to-mid-sized companies to develop a compliant retention schedule in less than an hour.

Retention Manager 4

IRCH releases Retention Manager 4 which is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. A Function Map is included to help new and experienced users easily navigate the program.

our history

Retention! Software

IRCH released its first retention schedule program named RETENTION!

Retention Manager Consultants Edition

IRCH releases the Consultants Edition of Retention Manager to provide consultants with a resource to complete client retention projects

Industry templates for Retention Manager

IRCH releases industry-specific templates for Retention Manager reducing the development time needed for creating a comprehensive retention schedule

Our team

Donald Skupsky


As President and founder of IRCH, Don’s innovations and contributions have revolutionized the records retention field.

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Marianne Sladek

Accounting Manager

Marianne’s been with IRCH since 2015. She oversees accounting, reception, and legal data entry functions for IRCH software.

Bret Andreski

Legal Counsel

Bret’s been with IRCH since 1998, overseeing legal affairs and research. His deep knowledge in the field forms the foundation of IRCH’s information management expertise.

Gary Brown

Director of IT/Training/Support

Gary’s been with IRCH since 1997. As Director of Administration, he oversees technical support, customer training, and networking.

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