Records retention for the manufacturing industry
– no assembly required.

The Manufacturing industry is regulated by federal and state governments. This template provides record series for research and development, production, manufacturing processes and equipment, quality assurance, distribution, and customer support. There are also enhanced requirements based on environmental, health, and safety issues and hazardous materials.

Since the federal government has many consumer and safety regulations on numerous products, module users can add laws in areas such as motor vehicles, sea-going vessels, baby products, etc. The Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device templates have specific information on manufacturing for drugs, over-the-counter products, and medical devices.

Customers can expand the default general business record series by selecting from dozens of pre-defined record series, all linked to retention period and legal research. Specific relevant manufacturing activities can be selected and jurisdictions with no manufacturing facilities excluded, while jurisdictions with product sales included. As a final step, all the manufacturing record series subjects, text, and retention can be modified and customized to meet the organization’s unique requirements.

The module offers a default general record series that can be expanded by selecting from dozens of pre-defined records, all linked to retention periods and legal research. Specific activities can be chosen and jurisdictions with no manufacturing facilities excluded. The Retail Template would address the retail sales of products. And finally, all the record series’ subjects, text, and, retention can be customized to meet any unique requirements.


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