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13.2. Designing custom reports

Retention Manager users can create their own custom reports using Crystal Reports.  Retention Manager uses Crystal Reports version 8.5 which is not commercially available for purchase.

Newer versions of Crystal Reports can be used with the limitation that custom reports have to run in Crystal Reports rather than Retention Manager.  This is due to incompatibilities between Crystal Report file formats between versions.

Please review the following IRCH support policies concerning custom reports for Retention Manager:

  1. IRCH Technical Support does not provide support, information or suggestions for creating custom reports or modifying system reports.  This includes questions concerning the data files.
  2. Some of the data files are encrypted and not available for use.
  3. IRCH Technical Support does not provide support or training for Crystal Reports.
  4. We suggest using the system report files as templates for design and relational links.  These are located in the main IRCH\RETMAN4\Reports directory.
    Preview the various system reports to determine which report file to use as a custom report template.  Always use a copy of the original report file rather than modifying the original report file.

The current version of Retention Manager uses the Paradox file format.  Future versions of Retention Manager will use the SQL data format.  Custom reports using the Paradox format will require adaptation will be required to be compatible.

Please note that IRCH Technical Support does not modify, adapt or support user-created reports. 

IRCH is available to create custom reports on a consulting basis.  Please contact IRCH Marketing if there are questions.

Thank you.

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