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8.2. Using Legal SubGroups

Legal SubGroups are used to distinguish retention in legal groups by jurisdiction. It allows one legal group to be assigned to different countries without having to create separate legal groups for each country.

Here's how to use legal subgroups with the international module:

  1. Install the international module.
  2. In Retman 3 open the Functions / Jurisdiction Groups selection from the menu bar.
  3. International jurisdictions will be listed in the Available Jurisdictions window. Add the desired international jurisdictions to the default ALL jurisdiction group.
  4. Close the Jurisdiction Group window when done. The Profile should automatically regenerate.
  5. Open the Profile function to review the industry/subject combinations added by the International module. New combinations may have been added by the international module. Unfortunately the new combinations are not marked.
  6. If you add new industry/subject combinations to the profile, assign each combination to existing legal groups.
  7. Close and regenerate the Profile.
  8. Review the new laws assigned to the existing legal groups to determine if the retention periods for the new laws are greater than the retention period assigned to the legal group. This can be done by selecting View Profiled Legal Research for a legal group or by printing the Legal Group Index with Legal Research report.
  9. Identify legal groups where the difference between the existing legal requirements period and the longest legal requirements periods for the new international laws are great enough to separate by creating a legal subgroup.
  10. Open the Legal Group Index function.
  11. For each legal group identified in step 9, highlight the legal group. Right click and select Assign Legal Subgroup.
  12. In the Legal Sub-group window right click and select Add New Legal Subgroup.
  13. In the New Legal Subgroup window, type the name of the new legal subgroup in the Code box. Completing the Name box is optional.
  14. The new name will appear in the Legal Subgroup box.
  15. Move the desired jurisdiction(s) from the Available Jurisdiction window to the Included Jurisdictions window.
  16. Click on the Assign button when done.
  17. The Legal Group Index window will have two tabs above the window showing the retention periods. One tab is for the Main Rule (existing retention period) and the second tab will be for the new legal subgroup.


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Revised November 22, 2005

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