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19.12. Upload data directories to IRCH

With broadband and high-speed Internet connections, it takes less time to electronically transfer directories and program files than using physical media.

Please review the following guidelines:

  1. The data directories for Retention Manager 4 are:
    1. Sysdata system data files
    2. Userdata user data files
  2. Data directories are located in the following directory paths:
    1. Retention Manager - standalone install
      1. Windows 10 - C:\Programdata\IRCH\RETMAN
    2. Retention Manager - network install
      1. Windows 10 - (Network Share):\Programdata\IRCH\RETMAN
    3. Retention Wizard
      1. Windows 10 - C:\Programdata\IRCH\Wizard
  3. Open File Explorer and see if If the ProgramData directory is visible.  If not, do the following:
    1. In File Explorer, select Organize / Folder.
    2. Select the View tab.
    3. In Advanced Settings, select the following:
      1. Hidden Files and Folders / Show hidden files, folders, and drives
      2. Hide protected operating system files
      3. Select OK to finish and close. The ProgramData directory should be visible.
    4. Submit compressed directories or file groups rather than individual files.
    5. If the application directory is big, the size can be reduced by deleting the contents of the main \sysdata\backup and \userdata\backup directories. Do file deletion and compression on a copy of the directory.
    6. Combine your files or program directory using one of the following methods:
      1. In File Explorer, highlight the directories/files, right-click and select Send To / Compressed (zipped) File to create a zip directory. The compressed file will have a directory or file name.
      2. Use a ZIP utility such as Winzip or PKZip. Create the zip file using maximum compression, directory or path information and no encryption options.
      3. Name the ZIP files using the following convention:
        1. directory name_company name.zip 
        2. Some examples are:
          1. userdata_ABC-Anvil.zip
          2. sysdata_copacabana-cola.zip
    7. Please include a short description and documentation of the problem you are experiencing. This can be done by enclosing a text or doc file, and screen-shots or by e-mail to IRCH Technical Support.

Please note! No further work should be done in the program until you receive and install corrected/repaired files. Changes in existing data files cannot be incorporated into the corrected data files.

Please use the following link to upload the ZIP file of your Retman data directories.

If the ZIP file is less than 10 MB in size, please submit it as an email attachment using the following link.

Please contact IRCH Technical Support if there are questions. Thank you.

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