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13.9. Unable to export Reports in Preview Reports Function

You are able to export a PDF of a previewed report in the Reports Manager function.  If you export a report to PDF format during Preview and do not see the Print Range or Destination Directory prompts, no report PDF will be created by responding to the prompts.

The first step is to reinstall the Crystal Report component of Retention Manager.  Here are the steps.

To reinstall the Crystal Reports Retman component.

  1. A recent Retman 4 update program is required.  The file name is RETMAN4UP.EXE.
  2. You may need administrator permissions to install the update.  Check with your IT or helpdesk for assistance.
  3. Close Retman 4.
  4. Open the Retman 4 update installer.
  5. On the Welcome screen click Next.
  6. On the License Agreement screen click Next.
  7. ON the Update Components screen, select the Update Crystal Reports option, unselect all other options and click Next.

  8. On the Ready to Install! screen click Next.
  9. On the Software Update Completed! screen click Finish to exit.

Open the Reports Manager in Retman 4.  Preview and export a report to PDF format.  There should be prompts for print range and destination directory.  You can view the PDF by click on the export PDF file in File Manager.

Please contact IRCH Technical Support if the problem continues or there are questions.  Thank you.

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