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12.2. Assign legal citation to an existing legal group code

Your question is: How do I add a legal citation to a Legal Group Index Code.   I need to add a federal regulation to a Legal Group Index code that is only listing state statutes.

Here are the steps to assign a federal regulation to an existing legal group index code that has state statutes assigned.

  1. Open the Legal Research Index function.
  2. Navigate to the United States of America selection in the Treeview panel.  All assigned citations and regulations will be listed in the panel below the treeview panel.
  3. Navigate to the US LRBR code to be assigned.
  4. Note the assigned industry and subjects titles.  This can be done by:
    1. Printing the citation by right-clicking on the LRBR code and selecting Print.
    2. Make a screenshot of the industry/subjects information.
    3. Note the industry/subjects information.
  5. To assign the regulation to the profile, right-click and select Add to Profile.  A citation is assigned to a legal group index code using the regulation's industry/subject assignment.
  6. Open the Profile function.
  7. Right click on the Profile window and select the Regenerate Legal Research option.  This will regenerate the legal profile.
  8. In the Selected Industries/Subjects panels, navigate to the industry/subject combination of the regulation assigned in step 5.
  9. To assign the regulations industry/subject combination, right click on the lowest subject in the Selected Subjects window and select the Assign legal group option.  The Legal Group Index window will open.
  10. Navigate to the existing legal group.
  11. Right-click on the legal group and select Assign to Profile.
  12. Close the Profile window.  The Save Profile prompt will appear.
  13. Select the Save Changes and Regenerate Profile option to regenerate the profile and completed the profile change.
  14. Verify the assignment by:
    1. Open the Profile function.
    2. Navigate to the assigned industry/subject combination in the Selected Industries and Subject panels.
    3. Right-click on the assigned subject and select the View Legal Research option.
    4. View the assigned regulation in the Legal Research by Industry and Subject panel.

Please contact IRCH Technical Support if there are questions or assistance is needed.  Thank you.

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