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6.1. Legal Search (September 2016 Version)

Apply this update patch if instructed by IRCH Technical Support.  Understand that this fix must be installed as described or the installation may damage your program and data files.  The application directory must always be backed up prior to applying an support patch.

Backup the main Retention Manager 4 application directory prior to proceeding with this patch.  Contact IRCH Technical Support if there are questions, clarifications or assistance is needed.

Conditions for the patch:

  1. Data type mismatch error message when view legal search results.
  2. Table does not existing error message while rebuilding legal search indexes.

This patch consists of the following steps which describe downloading and applying files.  Please contact your IT department or helpdesk personnel if assistance or permission are needed.

  1. Backup the sysdata subdirectory located in the main Retention Manager directory.
  2. For network installations, verify all users are logged out of the program.
  3. Download the following files from the Download section of this page to the workstation desktop or a network share.
    1. display_text.zip
    2. search_dataman.zip
  4. Uncompress the display_text.zip file to the following directory overwriting existing files:
    1. Workstation: c:\ProgramData\IRCH\RETMAN4\Bin
    2. Network: main network application directory IRCH\RETMAN4\Bin
  5. Uncompress the search_dataman.zip file to the following directory overwriting existing files:
    1. Workstation: c:\ProgramData\IRCH\RETMAN4\Dataman\Search
    2. Network: main network application directory IRCH\RETMAN4\Dataman\Search
  6. Verify that the following files are listed in the IRCH\RETMAN4\Dataman\Search directory:
    1. word_xx.DBF
    2. word_xx.MDX
    3. word_yy.db
    4. word_yy.PX
    5. word_yy.XG0
    6. word_yy.YG0
    7. wordcommon.db
    8. wordcommon.PX
    9. wordList.db
    10. wordList.PX
    11. wordList.X02
    12. wordList.X03
    13. wordList.Y02
    14. wordList.Y03

Confirm using the following tasks:

  1. Do a legal search for a citation number (18 CFR 125.3), view legal search results and view several citations.
  2. When time permits, rebuild the legal search indexes by selecting Functions / Administrator Functions / Rebuild / Search Indexes.  On the Update Legal Search Indexes window, select the Rebuild All option and the Rebuild button to start.

Please contact IRCH Technical Support if there are questions or clarifications are needed.  Thank you.


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