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20.2. How to Backup

Once you begin developing your retention schedule in Retention Manager, the following information should be helpful.

You invest time and development effort to establish and build your retention schedule in Retention Manager. The value of your schedule data in Retman increases over time.

It is critical to backup, document and review your retention schedule data on a regular basis for integrity, errors and intervention. The internal client and system backup functions in Retman 4 are for program use and do not replace external backup routines.

Regular data directory backups are critical in order to recover from crashed hardware or corrupt data files. Computer hardware and digital data files do not last forever.

If you have a network installation, verify with your helpdesk or IT department that your Retman network directory is backed up regularly. If you have a standalone install, talk with your helpdesk or IT department to develop a backup procedure for your Retman data directories.

The backups should use external backup software or appliances to locations outside the program directory. External backup routines enable data to be recovered if a workstation drive with Retman data crashes or cannot be read.

The following steps are recommended.

  1. The more often you use Retman, the more often your data should be backed up. A recommended backup routine will have:
    a. Daily backups for a week
    b. Weekly backups for a month
    c. Monthly backups for six to twelve months
    d. Annual archives of data directories
  2. Verify your retention schedule data in Retman on a regular basis. One of the following time periods is recommended:
    a. After every update
    b. Semi-annual
    c. Annual
  3. On an annual or bi-annual basis or when an authorized schedule or schedule revision is done, print and/or export as PDFs the following reports to document retention schedule revisions.
    a. Legal Group Index with Legal Research
    b. Retention Rules
    c. Profile
    d. Standard Record Series
    e. User Records by Department (if setup)

Please contact IRCH Technical Support if there are questions or assistance is needed. We appreciate your business and thank yo.

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