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21.3. Update Program 4.2.61 to 4.2.61

If you have an early installation of Retention Manager 4, this procedure will update your program files to the 4.2.62 version, current as of July 2016.  If you installed Retention Manager 4 from the December 2015 update CD, you will have the current version and will not need to run this update process.

If you had Retention Manager 3, you should have imported and verified your data in Retention Manager 4 by this time.

This is a manual update procedure for the program files.  The following steps will describe how to update the program files and update the version number.  You will need the appropriate permissions to install program files on the local workstation for a standalone install or the network application directory for a network installation.

  1. Download the update program using this link and save to the local desktop.
  2. Verify that Retention Manager 4 is closed.
  3. Run the download file (RM4_Bin_v4262.exe) by double clicking on it.
  4. Click on the BROWSE button to select the program file directory.

  5. Browse to the IRCH\RETMAN4\Bin directory.  This will be located in the C:\ProgramData directory for a standalone install and in the network application directory for a network install.  Select OK to proceed.
  6. The Extract to: prompt should list the correct directory path to the \Bin directory.  Select Extract to start.
  7. An overwrite prompt will appear showing there are existing files.  Select Yes to All to install the current program files.
  8. This is a manual update process so the program version number will have to be manually edited.
  9. Open the file RETSYS.INI in NOTEPAD located in the C:\ProgramData\RETMAN4\Admin directory for a standalone install or in the network \IRCH\RETMAN4\Admin directory for a network install.
  10. Locate the Version line in the [Software Version] section.  Change 4.2.61 to 4.2.62.  Select File/Save from the menu bar to save and closed NOTEPAD to finish.
  11. Open Retention Manager 4 and select the Help/About screen from the menu bar.  You should see the correct version number.  Close the Help/About screen to finish.

Future program version updates will be handled by the update software.  Please contact Technical Support if there are questions or clarifications are needed. 

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