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13.7. Report Parameters

The Reports Manager function allows you to preview and print the following reports types in Retention Manager:

The Reports Manager window lists available reports with available parameters for each report. Available reports are accessible using a treeview in the left window with the associated report parameters displayed in the right window.

Report Manager functions are available using a right click menu.  The right click menu displays the following functions:

The individual functions are:

The majority of report viewing is done using the Preview window.  The Preview window has a large view window with a treeview for selecting different record code on the report and a control bar.

The Preview window has a control bar with the following functions.  Use the navigation arrows to move between pages.

The Export function enables you to export a report to a variety of formats.  Please note that the export filters are provided by Crystal Reports and offer few export parameters.  Experiment with various filters and print ranges to find a filter combination that produces the desired output.

Report parameters can vary based on the selected report.  Following is are parameters common to most reports.

 To create a User Defined / Frequently Used Report:

  1. Select and highlight a system report to copy.
  2. Right click and select Copy to 'User Defined/Frequently User Reports'.
  3. A copy of the report will appear on the User Defined / Frequently Used Reports portion of the treeview list.
  4. Highlight the copied report, right click and select Edit.
  5. The Edit Report windows will open.

    1. Report Information
      1. Name - name of the port
      2. Type - report type
        1. Standard
        2. Comparison
        3. Proposed
        4. Authorized
        5. Other
        6. Update
        7. Not Assigned
      3. Description - a description of the user defined report
      4. File Name - report file name
      5. Directory - report file location on hard drive
    2. Parameters - change report parameter values to customize
      1. Name - drop-down menu to select report parameter to edit
      2. Prompt - parameter description.  It is suggested to not edit the description.
      3. Value - almost all parameter values are Y and N.  Please contact IRCH Technical Support if there are questions.

If a report parameter is unfamiliar, please contact support for assistance.  Inputting an unexpected value will cause the report to error when run. 

This is a often-used function in Retention Manager.  Reports are used to document changes, updates, distribute schedules, and modifications.  Please contact IRCH Technical Support if there are questions or clarifications are needed.

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