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9.6. Legal research, inheritance, and retention

Legal research is grouped and assigned at the legal group level.  This makes the legal group index function and legal groups with legal research report the primary vessel for profiled research.

Retention rules inherit retention from assigned legal groups. Standard record series inherit retention from retention rules.  User records inherit retention from either retention rule or standard record series assignments.

Because user record retention is inherited through assignment, legal research is not directly assigned to user records.  Legal research is assigned, reviewed and approved at the legal group level.

The small number of legal groups makes legal research management and review much easier than doing it at the user record level.  The ease of management using tens of legal groups as contrasted to tens to thousands of user records is significant.

If legal research is assigned, reviewed and approved at the legal group level, then inheritance to retention rules, standard record series and user records is also approved.  Circumventing this path introduces irrelevant complexity.  Reviewing research at the user record level creates the false impression that research assignment is done at the user record level.

An example would be a user record report with associated research.  Since legal group research is associated with multiple user records, each associated user record would print out the same research resulting in duplicity and redundancy. 

The legal group index with legal research report usually more than one hundred pages.  Replicating this research in a user record with research report would result in a document hundreds of pages in length, filled with too much repetition of research to be a useful reference. This is why legal research is not listed for each user record.

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