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22.3. Increase PLUSrun.exe Stability

Retention Manager uses the Visual Dbase runtime file, PLUSrun.exe, which may experience stability issues on secured networks.  Increasing the privilege level may improve stability. 

To change the privilege level for the runtime file:

  1. Log on to the installed workstation in administrator mode.
  2. Close Retention Manager.
  3. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\IRCH\Retman\BIN.
  4. Highlight PLUSrun.exe, right click and select Properties.
  5. Select the Compatibility tab.
  6. In the Privilege Level section at the bottom, check the Run this program as an administrator option.
  7. Select Apply and OK to set for current user and close the window
  8. For all users select Change settings for all users.
  9. The Compatibility for all users window will open.
  10. Select the Run this program as an administrator option followed by Apply and OK to close.

Please contact IRCH Technical Support if there are questions. 

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